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stoicstella's Journal

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Stella teaches preschool and in her spare time, as much of that as can be had, she writes. What does she write, you ask? Stella writes fanfiction. Stella gives minor-characters, originally belonging to someone else, the chance to deal with brand-new terrible situations with grace and humor. She wants to use her words to show off their bare-bones, beautiful humanity.

When Stella can still manage to stay awake after a day with miniature-people-in-progress, she still loves to read. In fact, when all is said, she actually believes there is a sort-of luxury in a well-written piece of fiction. She might have suggested, "It is like settling in to a warm bath, only you don't have to be naked to enjoy it.”

Stella favors Severus Snape, short fiction of the vignette or drabble variety, and awkward conversations that turn into awkward relationships. This is true in her writing and her reading habits. If this sounds like your kind of journal, don’t be shy, drop Stella a line. The Friend Post

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