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Behind Closed Doors:
Knock First:
I have recently come back to fandom, and since locking up my journal before I left was a weirdly knee-jerk reaction, which I was never certain how to feel about, I have recently decided to unlock all content PG13 or lower. The R and up stories, and they are few, are still here, under friend-lock, and I am easy-going about friending.

This amazing artwork was done by my sister, who has more amazing artwork Here: Deviant Art: Ai-hime

If you decide you want to follow me on LiveJournal, you can go ahead and friend me, drop me a line and I will reciprocate. If you want to slink around and follow me on the sly, you can go over to my Insane Journal and follow me there. All the same content is there, without any friends-locks.


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