Stoicstella's Fanfiction Masterlist

Stoicstella’s Fanfiction Masterlist:
These are in alphabetical rather than chronological order.

General Fiction: - Stories not relying on the premise of a relationship.
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Slash Fanfiction: - Stories featuring a relationship between two male characters.
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Heterosexual Fiction - Stories featuring a relationship between a male character and a female character.
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Fandom Poetry - Poems written about established characters.
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Behind Closed Doors:
Knock First:
I have recently come back to fandom, and since locking up my journal before I left was a weirdly knee-jerk reaction, which I was never certain how to feel about, I have recently decided to unlock all content PG13 or lower. The R and up stories, and they are few, are still here, under friend-lock, and I am easy-going about friending.

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Podfic (R)

Title: All is fair
Rating: R
Pairing: Severus/Remus (mentions of Remus/Tonks)
Challenge: The Love/Not Love Challenge
Summary:  This is a reading of the series of six sonnets I wrote for the Love-not-love challenge.  They form a correspondence between Severus and Remus over a number of years.  The first four bring us to the end of Half Blood Prince  and the last two to around the time of Deathly Hallows' climax.
Warnings: Strong language, Poetry, American Accent, implied canon compliance, and resulting heartache
Disclaimer: This is a work of fanfiction, with a borrowed world and characters. Nobody is profiting from it.
Wordcount: 657
(Approximately 4 minutes and 20 seconds)

Original Text can be found: Here

An Audio/Video version: Here


Fic: Birth of Memory (PG)

Title: Birth of Memory
Rating: PG
Pairing: None
Word count: 1,158
Summary: It is a full moon night, in the early days of March, and a Birthday cake is as good a reason as any to be introspective. Remus may not celebrate his birthdays but the wolf has an anniversary with a built in ritual, and that is enough to be going on with.
Warnings: None really, except for the exposition and introspection, with a side of pathos.
Notes: I originally posted this on 3-10-06 for Remus’ birthday. The original version was called: “Born Again,” and was only 513 words long. After days of rewriting, I think it has a completely different feel. You can still see the original here

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Fic/Art: All is Fair (R)

Title: All is fair
Rating: R
Pairing: Severus/Remus (mentions of Remus/Tonks)
Challenge: The Love/Not Love Challenge
Summary: This is a series of six sonnets, with accompanying photo-manipulations, which form a correspondence between Severus and Remus. The first four bring us to the end of HBP and the last two to around the time of DH’s climax.
Warnings: Strong language, Poetry, implied canon compliance, heartache
Disclaimer: This is a work of fanfiction, with a borrowed world and characters. Nobody is profiting from it.
Wordcount: 657

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 Edit: This is now Podfic:


A Twined Thread

Title: A Twined Thread
Author: Stoicstella
Rating: PG
Pairing: Remus/Public Libraries (This is mostly Remus Gen. Tonks and Teddy are mentioned peripherally.)
Wordcount: 1,266
Warnings: Not much. There is a passing mention of unpleasant and possibly unethical treatments for lycanthropy, but nothing explicit.
Canon Compliant? Yes
Disclaimer: This is a work of fanfiction, with a borrowed world and characters. Nobody is profiting from it.
Challenge: Written for a Meme I posted in April of 2007. aunty_marion requested “Five reasons Remus likes public libraries (apart from the obvious filled-with-books thing!).” Although this one didn’t want to be written in a list format, I daresay there are at least five reasons in there amongst what appears to be character development , if not outright plot. I do hope you enjoy it.
Summary: Remus became enamored of the public library, and in turn it never betrayed him; instead, it pulled his segmented life taut with a string of memories. This is a love story about a man and the idea of a place.

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The Pamphlet

Title: The Pamphlet
Rating: G
Pairing: Severus/Remus (in the intro)
Challenge: Written for a Meme I posted in April of 2007. summerborn requested “Five ways to break up with a Slytherin”
Summary: A helpful pamphlet falls out of Remus’ school-bag, offering unsolicited advice. There is a fair dose of humour with just a tiny angst after-taste, when cannon is considered.
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: This is a work of fanfiction, with a borrowed world and characters. Nobody is profiting from it.
Wordcount: 610

Falling out onto his mattress, nestled amongst his books and quills, the glossy little pamphlet caught Remus' eye immediately. He studied it, his face suddenly burning. There was no way of knowing who had snuck it into his bag; all the marauders were equally good suspects, of course. As he let his eyes skim from headline to illustration and graph, Remus tried to decide whether he was amused, horrified or some combination of the two. His guts were definitely twisted. With a surge of embarrassment, Severus’ face swam to the surface of his mind. For all the ways that the pamphlet itself was sickening, somehow worse still, was the realization that their secret trysts were not so secret. Remus had honestly believed they were being subtle.

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Five times Remus Let Severus Spend the Night

This story belongs to karasu_hime who requested it in a Meme I posted in April of 2007. It became fairly larger than the drabble lists everyone else received, and sort of took on a life of its own, but I do hope you enjoy it.

Title: Five Times Remus Let Severus Spend the Night... and the One time He Didn't
Pairing: Severus/Remus
Warnings: implied violence, implied sexual situations, a bit dark
Wordcount: 2,767

The night Dumbledore fell from the astronomy tower and Severus fled the castle, Remus felt like he was waking from a dream. Events started to align themselves into a sharp focus: The last night he’d spent with Severus and the sixteen years leading up to it. All the times he’d exchanged heavy handed comfort, all the betrayals, the self-sacrifice, seemed to add up to one all-consuming act. It had simultaneously strengthened his resolve and filled him with despair, and the incongruity of it wanted to tear him apart. Severus had a gift for making Remus feel that way. Remus had a weakness of allowing it.

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Five People Tonks Would Like to be Like

On the 18th of April 2007 I posted a Meme called the 5 fandom things meme. The premise was, you guys prompted me and I wrote the list. I wrote about half of these lists before real life intervened and I left fandom and writing altogether for quite some time. I am tentatively putting my toes back into writing. I know most of you probably aren't even watching my journal any longer, but I do hope to finish writing your prompts.

This is one is for i_llbedammned. She requested: Five People Tonks Would Like to be Like. Mishiki, after over four years of waiting, I really do hope you like it.

Nymphadora Tonks had been a metamorphmagus from birth; it is this wholly extraordinary thing about her that at the same time has become common place. Most of the people in her life know that she can shift her outward appearance to mirror just about anything transfigurable from her frame. She can be taller, shorter, thinner... the possibilities are cosmetically endless. What most people don’t know, however, is there are a few, deeper than the surface, things that Tonks can’t copy and that it makes her burn with jealousy.

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This is quick and dirty, but my sincere apologies for any misspellings or grammar oddities.

First Line Meme

I have written two stories this year, not counting Snupin Santa… I am a little disappointed with myself at letting the year slip away from me like this, but it has been a trying and emotionally weird 12 months, so I will forgive myself, I suppose.

In the spirit of the First line meme… and my own silliness.

I give you a sad year for Stella’s fiction:

January: height of fear (G)
(Written for Severus’ birthday wherein he mostly sits upon a roof. )
Severus is afraid of heights. He hated flying on a broomstick, never took to rendezvousing on the astronomy tower, refused to keep ingredients on shelves that he’d have to climb a ladder to reach and had a habit of staring straight ahead when he passed windows.

April: Initium (G)
(Written for the Pure-blood Prince Fest and almost entirely about Eileen)

In the beginning there was no magic and everything was dark and difficult. The darkness was so perfect, so absolute that no one feared it or questioned it. The darkness just was and all who lived in those times knew nothing of the light.